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6 Reasons Why We Need Another Stimulus Check

Kelsey Stone

We’ve been in quarantine for six months and during that time businesses have closed down, unemployment skyrocketed, and the mental state of America has dwindled. While many have had to find new ways to earn money and pay for the cost living, the government has done a few things to help Americans such as freeze rent and freeze student loan payments. One of the most memorable things the government has done was give out stimulus checks to most Americans, (I say most because not everyone has received one). A check of $1,200 was sent out to many (you might have gotten more or less depending on your family situation) which may help with some aspects of someone’s life. There’s one problem, we only got that type of money one time. I don’t claim to be a financial expert, but I doubt that many families can’t live off of $1,200 for 5 months (we haven’t gotten one since April. Currently, there are plans to give out another stimulus check and we need them desperately. In case anyone needs to know, here are six reasons as to why we need another (or better yet, a more consistent) stimulus check.

1). Citizens need to pay bills and living expenses.

2). We need to keep small businesses open and money going through our communities.

3). College students need money for tuition and books.

4). People with illnesses and disabilities need their medical attention.

5). People need money for transportation.

6). Giving citizens a consistent stimulus check will keep the economy from crumbling and keep businesses up and open!

Visit https://my2020census.gov/ and make sure you count in the 2020 Census 


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