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9 Way to Handle Seasonal Mood Changes

By Kelsey Stone

Well, summer is pretty much over. Everyone has gone back to school (virtually) and back to their jobs, despite how chaotic this country is currently. With America dealing with remote learning, a pandemic, and racial tension, people will have more to carry on their backs when they deal with the weather change. During the last quarter of the year, as we all know, most of the country deals with more rain, snow, darker weather, and shorter days. This usually causes seasonal mood change or seasonal depression. While mental health isn’t a subject that’s talked about in the dark anymore, there are still some aspects of mental health that can be unclear to others; seasonal mood changes can be one of them. Don’t think that with the weather changes and this pandemic everything will come tumbling down. Here are nine ways to handle season mood changes.

1). Take stress relief vitamins.

2). Take Vitamin D pills or drink Orange juice

3). Always eat something hot

4). Drink Lavender or Chamomile tea

5). Go out and walk (if the weather permits)

6). Invest in a sun lamp

7). Open all curtains and blinds in your house

8). Talk to a therapist

9). Acknowledge what causes your seasonal depression

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