Check Out Vicki Street's San Junipero Playlist

Inspired by S3 Ep. 4 of Netflix's Black Mirror

If you clicked on this, I'm assuming you've watched Black Mirror's San Junipero episode.

If not, I encourage you to be as curious as the main character--Yorkie.

Yorkie's bi-curiousness and attraction to Kelly, a carefree, beautiful, "seemingly straight" woman were feelings that were all too familiar.

This past fall I experienced a San Junipero moment which turned into my current relationship.

Just like the two characters, my girlfriend and I met in a bar and communicated solely through dance. I was hosting karaoke and did everything to make sure she was entertained from a far.

Although she disappeared into crowd after performing Saweetie's 'My Type', she never left my radar.

Enjoy this early 80'/90's dance playlist inspired by the San Junipero classic time period.

Available on Apple Music.


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