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CPS Struggles with Remote Attendance

Kelsey Stone

Many people questioned the strength of online learning. No one seems to care about the safety of the children either, seeing as most schools still have in-person learning and put students at risk for catching the virus. Still, even in the comfort of your own home, Chicago Public Schools are finding it hard to keep students' attention with virtual learning.

According to NBC Chicago, Chicago schools reported roughly 84% citywide attendance for the first day of remote classes, but some schools had fewer than half of students log in.

While it is concerning some factors that may contribute to this. As one principal told NBC Chicago, many parents are still picking up their laptops, which may be a problem for other students across the city without technology. Other factors may include WiFi access, lack of materials for learning, learning disabilities, or students who are simply uninterested and cannot learn in a home environment. Parents and teachers alike are still trying to find ways to engage students in hopes that remote learning can be as beneficial as possible.

We will update on this story as it develops, but what do you think can be done to improve the attendance in remote learning? Leave a comment below

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