GLAAD Presents Lilly Singh, Billy Eichner, Dan Levy, Billy Porter and more, Together In Pride.

I'm about to grab my snacks and get my Sunday viewing started. I'm starting with GLAAD's Fundraiser Show Streaming Live on YOUTUBE. "GLAAD is proud to present Together in Pride: You Are Not Alone, featuring many of the people we know and love paying tribute to the frontline LGBTQ heroes at CenterLink and our Community Centers across the country.  We salute the work of all essential workers."

After that, I'll be tuning in for some crazy a** Issa, tryna see how this best friend Molly, and ex bae Lawrence mess is about to play out. The only quip I have about this show, is that it's so damn short. But Issa has me cackling just a lil too loud on Sundays. We all need much laughter in this moment. Happy Sunday!!

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