How to Stay Calm During COVID-19

I know we are in the middle of a pandemic, and life for everyone has shifted. Virtual interaction, no bars or clubs, streaming entertainment have become the new normal for us. Updates about the coronavirus, every hour, can be daunting and make people lose hope. It also doesn’t help that most television channels and streaming sites are coincidentally showing more movies about the world ending or the world getting out of control. When there’s no sense of stability and certainty, it’s easy for people to go into a state of panic and craziness. However, it is possible to remain calm and not let this pandemic get the best of you.

First, you have to unplug yourself from the tv and from your phone from time to time. It’s easy to get depressed and have a heavy heart when you’re constantly looking at the news or social media in general; this pandemic and the constant report of deaths (especially those in disadvantaged communities) can heighten any feelings you had before. It’s good to be informed but you don’t have to remind yourself every day how depressing the state of the world is right now. At most, keep the notifications on your phone and don’t open anything until you’re mentally prepared to receive any news. I would also consider straying away from any tv shows or movies that are related to this pandemic. Outbreak, Cloverfield, Resident Evil, The Purge, American Horror Story: Apocalypse; none of these are good ideas to watch at a time like this.

You can also use this time wisely and get started on something you want to it. It can be professional or just for fun. What has helped a lot of people in this time, myself included, is using this time to get your mind off the world and focus on yourself. From my own experience, I’ve used this time to really dive into what I want to do creatively and career-wise. Now, this isn’t to get confused with the “if you haven’t learned a new skill by now you’ve been wasting time” crowd, but you have to keep yourself active to keep yourself positive. You need a distraction and something to keep your spirits.

If nothing else gets you out of the funk of being quarantined, go outside. Everything is closed including the gym, but you can still take walks, take a drive, do whatever to take your mind off something. As humans, we need outside interaction to keep us sane and normal, and maybe something as simple as going to the grocery store can be helpful for most of us. It’s time like this when the things that are still around you are here to make things better ad enjoyable for us. Take a break and appreciate the few things around us that are helping us relax.


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