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I Miss 106 | An Ode To Visuals We Can’t Forget

Remember when 106 & Park was poppin?

I remember rushing home from school at 3...

Mama already had dinner preppin'...

And if I was lucky, I could sneak a piece of chicken and cop a squat in front of the big screen before she found out.

Growing up as a PK, I didn't always feel my parents were interested in my (secular) TV & music interests.

However, 106 & park had a way of bringing my family together. Just knowing that my mom was in earshot/viewpoint of the TV felt like the ultimate quality time. Every now and then chiming in to comment on how much I "love that doggone Soulja boy and Chris Brown".

Quarantine has me hella nostalgic and appreciative. With most of America being forced to spend time alone or with family, it makes me wonder what AJ & Free or Terrance and Rocsi would say to comfort us.

When Katrina hit..

When Michael died..

When 50 and Kanye had that fake beef for record sales..

We were all there to witness it...because of love for music, culture and the unity that it brought. Let's keep that unity going by participating in the 2020 census. Data talks, and so do the streets! Let's get back to US.

So Let's, in true mid-2000's fashion, zone out and enjoy a round of music videos; sure to make you FEEL GOOD. #CountMeIn

Add 'I Miss 106' playlist on Apple Music

Or Watch on Youtube below.


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