Rest In Peace Nigel

I think so much about Nigel. I think about how his school could have supported him. I think about what he needed. I think about how lucky I've been. I think about how it's our responsibility to make and leave a better world for young queer POC. I think about groups like Native Son who so beautifully, and so eloquently remembered Nigel.

@nativesonnow: One year ago today, Nigel Ahmad Shelby committed suicide because of homophobic bullying — he was 15-years-old. The freshman at Huntsville High School in Alabama, who was gay and struggling with depression took his own life because of other people’s lack of acceptance and their hate. Today, we celebrate the life of Nigel as a reminder to protect young Black boys, to heal the hearts that are filled with hate, and to dismantle the systems that allow young lives and lights to be dimmed because of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia. Rest in Peace and Power Nigel Shelby. Say his name: #NigelShelby 2.1.04 - 4.18.19 #OurStory #OurVoice #OurPower #NativeSon: @kendrickdaye


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