Roy Kinsey - RBG (prod. by Phoelix) - Official Video

RBG (Red, Black and Green) from the album Blackie: A Story by Roy Kinsey, stands as a proclamation, as well as a a statement piece on the tribalist attitude, and segregationist perspective that keeps much of America, separate and unequal. These lyrics, and this visual, shot in the West Garfield Park neighborhood on Chicago's Westside, highlights a sentiment, and a story, typically unheard by the majority of the larger world.

"Red black and green

Red white and blue

Red white baby blue

Who the fuck are you

Who the fuck am i

I need time to decide

All the blood is red

But all the blood is shed"

The hook of RBG is made up of describing the colors that make up the Black American Flag, the American Flag, and the official flag of the City of Chicago. Histories are typically written by the victors, and this song attempts to push the needs of the voiceless to the pages and attentions of those who have the power to affect changes in vulnerable, marginalized and oppressed areas. This song attempts to compare what is actually attained with what is necessary and strived for; access to more religion, but less therapy, easier access to violence, than to healthy resources and alternatives and ultimately, who has access to the opportunities and information to make a better quality of life for themselves and their families. How do we make sure, the voiceless's needs, don't continue to go unheard and unaffected? Being counted by participating in Census 2020 is one way!

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