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The Census Has Been Delayed

I was looking up information, trying to formulate an article about the number of people who did the census. Trying to contribute to the good power of journalism, I couldn’t find articles on statistics relating to the census; one article I did find suspiciously couldn’t be open. During my search, I did find some useful information and should be spread to the masses. The US Census has been delayed due to the coronavirus. According to Bloomberg reports, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced field operations will be delayed until June 1st, and that in turn would delay completion of the count until October 31st. Census survey counts will be finished by April of 2021 and data will be released the following summer. Despite there being a delay, over 70 million households already filled out the survey, which would result in almost half of the country filling it out. While this may seem to leave room for opportunity, I do have some questions about this. I wonder how many black and brown households filled out the census before the delay and if this affects our voices being heard. If people don’t know that this is being delayed, how will they know that their voices still matter? Above all, I question how soon the census will open back up. Although it had a good turn out before the delay, just getting less than 50% of the results wouldn’t create necessary changes in our communities. Hopefully, more minority people can be surveyed soon, so that the government can get a realistic view of what’s going on in this country.

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