[A comic page. The panels depict the inside of a CTA bus, two figures sitting across from each other. One holds a backpack in their lap. The other is hunched over, holding a phone close to their ear. Each panel comes closer to the phone's mouth piece, until it reveals tentacles writhing out of the phone. The final panel is the opposite figure, staring.]

Right now, the CTA seems eerie. Near empty buses bouncing by. Train cars devoid of the same crowds or convenience it once offered us. Now it feels like a haunted tin can, driven by those who aren't given the tools they need to protect themselves from possession. What will you run into, these grim vehicles, carrying its passengers to and fro, unseen by those with the authority to protect them.

Make sure the government knows that our communities need support, and we are not ghosts. We are here.


Pride South Side Studio

A platform by Queer and Trans Artists 


Funded by IDHS. The contents are solely the responsibility of the author.


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