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Why Are You All Still Partying?!

By Kelsey Stone

As the temperature drops and we move into the fall season, more gatherings will be moved into doors or won’t happen at all. Although this time of year would be great for homecomings, football games, and tailgates, I think there’s something people are forgetting. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the pandemic is still going on. So why are we still galavanting like it’s Coachella?

As we enter the six months of battling the coronavirus, nothing has seemed to change anyone’s mindset. Nightclubs are still open, most schools are still scheduled for in-person learning (despite the risk of catching the virus), and restaurants are still open as usual. House parties are also still happening with no limits on guests and to top it all off, there’s rarely a mask in sight. From the beach parties in Florida and recent boat party hosted by Indiana University students to the violence and fights that have broken out during Labor Day weekend, this has only made the pandemic worse. Watching all of this on social media and in the news makes me sit back and ask myself, “is there a genuine concern over this?”.

I can’t fully blame this on the citizens, the government has to take some blame for this as well. When your government officials can’t give you solid answers about this virus, how can you expect people to live accordingly? A virus that could have been managed and die down within 2-3 months has been drawn out to the last quarter of the year because we have a government, along with its followers, who are thinking of themselves and not of the best interest of this country. It’s ironic; we complain about staying indoors and nothing being open yet we keep doing things that prevent us from going out in the public safely.

If we as a country are tired of staying indoors and tired of wearing a mask, why are you still partying? Why are you all risking your lives for a few hours at a dirty beach or a club overcapacity? I love to go to brunch and go to parties without worrying about capacity or a mask just as much as the next person, but until we are over this virus, I don’t see how or why it’s such a debate on whether to simply stay at home. If we want this virus to go away and go back to regular living, maybe we do need a government official with a Lori Lightfoot type of leadership, someone who is strong and will not tolerate any inconsistencies.

This would also be a great reason to fill out the Census and tell the government how you really feel.

Visit https://my2020census.gov/ and make sure you count in the 2020 Census 


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