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Will COVID-19 Bring a New Wave of Entrepreneurship?

By Kelsey Stone

COVID-19 has changed the dynamic of 2020. What was once seen as a hopeful, optimistic year, has now become a year of sadness and uncertainty. Other than medical inadequacy, racial injustice, and a crippling education system, America has been dealing with an unstable job market which has been a rippling effect of COVID-19. Although the number of unemployment cases is under one million as of this month (the first time since mid-March), still employment and job security is still a big issue, especially amongst African-Americans, people of color, and the LGBT+ community. Due to this, many minority groups in this country have had to find a new means of income.

Like any crisis in America, minority groups are often the hardest hit by this. As COVID-19 became prominent in the US, many businesses and major corporations have laid-off employees and shut down operations. Many depended on government assistance and the arrival of stimulus checks, yet most haven’t received one..or neither. This has led many to start their own endeavors and support local businesses. Within my own community, I know people who have relied on sex work to help pay bills and the cost of living; unfortunately, that now has its financial pitfalls thanks to actress Bella Thorne. I have also seen an influx of people starting to pursue their creative dreams (painting, music, writing) and slowly turning it into a career.

No matter what is going on in this country, there’s will always be a need for something creative, whether it’s film, music, or even live entertainment, as we’ve seen with award shows, Megan Thee Stallion’s latest virtual concert, and drive-in movies and concerts, like the one that was held recently in Chicago. There’s still money to be made, but in the traditional sense that we once praised, even weeks before COVID. In these times, it’s the creative and essential needs that are keeping society engaged, money flowing in our economy, and money in our pockets. I hope that these new endeavors will lead to more revenue and employment opportunities, especially in urban areas. Could this pandemic bring a new wave of entrepreneurship? I hope so because in unstable times you can't depend on stability from someone else.

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