You Deserve Some Positive Reinforcement | Here's an Alternative Sunday Playlist

Because we all could use a reminder.

A reminder to be happy...

A reminder that we gon' be good...

This playlist kicks off with

ArchDuke's "Ama Be Happy" which declares just that.

'Speak into the atmosphere', one line says.

No matter if you're spiritual, or religious--these songs will take you there.

(And to think, there's only one gospel artist featured.)

To my friends who just lost something: whether it be your mind or your mother...we gon get through this.

So enjoy this blanketed inspiration of musical medicine..

Suitable for yo baby, yo mama and when you're tired of your baby mama.

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Pride South Side Studio

A platform by Queer and Trans Artists 


Funded by IDHS. The contents are solely the responsibility of the author.


Playlist and post is dedicated to my dear friend Kita Monét, whose mother recently gained her wings. Click here to support her family during this difficult transition.


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