• 8" + 2" long ring with adjustable red wire and copper.
  • Tigers Eye

    Synthesizes the energy of the Sun and Earth. Combines sharpness and grounding. Its vibration is conducive to peacefulness and stimulates the actions required to advance the encounters with others during meditative states. Helpful for clarity seekers. Brings brightness and optimism to the user. Used to enhance psychic abilities and gentle attunement of 1st eye activity – this stone being best adapted to “earthy” people. At the base chakra, it can help to discipline sexual and emotional life. At the solar plexus, promotes intuitive impressions. Provides balance of yin-yang energy.Sign: Capricorn, Leo. Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Third Eye.
  • Goldstone  “Stone of ambition”

    Assists in attaining one’s goals, keeping one’s emotions stable and calm, revitalizes one’s personal energy field, builds confidence, courage, a positive attitude, and promotes vitality. A reminder that light can always be found in the darkness. Sign: Sagittarius. Chakras: Root, Sacral + Solar Plexus

RahCrystals Tigers Eye & Gold Stone Ring